2022 Resolutions: Where is the Joy?

Each year at this time, tradition dictates that we make personal resolutions for the following year.

Did you make goals for the New Year?

I did not.

I’m not judging you if you did. I’ve certainly made them in the past. However, what I have discovered…at least about myself…is that I am terrible at it.

I either make a dramatic decision to refrain from something humanly impossible like not eating Tater Tots…or…”game the system” by making a resolution to do something I’m already doing…such as driving for miles each day with my turn signal on. (Don’t laugh…I used to be cool!)

Perhaps I need to be more demonstrative and convicted when I make my yearly commitment?

For instance, “I, Greg Hall, being of sound mind and body resolve to not judge those that try to redeem “scratch-offs” in front me at CVS!”


Even in my head…just thinking about it…I’m judging that person.

That is why I leave the New Year’s resolutions to others. People with the maturity and intelligence to come up with better goals than I do.

However, if you are like me and find yourself a week from now…left turn signal blinking, parked at SONIC working on your fourth tater tot…don’t be too hard on yourself.


No matter who you are or what resolutions you’ve made, you have undeniably survived the last couple of years.

Some of you spent your time very nobly as a first responder, defending our country or pulling 40 hour shifts at a hospital.

Others of you demonstrated your courage by coming into work every day at the Burger King, QT, Kroger or 7-Eleven.

No matter what you do…collectively we ALL embarked on an unpredictability and incredible journey into the unknown.

Many people look back and wish that things could have been different over that span of time. So much loss, disappointment, pain and fear was experienced by so many of us.

Yet here we are…2022…all set to reboot and try it again. So, what can we expect?

Since I am not doing resolutions, perhaps you will allow me to make a prediction for these days ahead.

We all know bad things will continue to happen, but other things will happen to:

Babies will be born into the loving arms of their parents.

Beautiful weddings will join hearts and families.

Compassion and understanding will show up in unexpected places.

Wisdom will pass from generation to generation.

Joy and peace will be at the end of every hug we give and receive.

Miracles of healing, redemption and forgiveness will find a way to those most in need.

That is how 2022 will be defined by all of us that can see the light that shines through the murky veil of this imperfect world.

And that…is my prediction.

From Hall (1.15) Acres…

Please have a good day!

Greg T. Hall

P.S. I cannot close out 2021 without thanking all who have read my stories and encouraged me in my efforts. You are and remain a lamp unto my feet.


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