A Thousand Mile Journey Starts With One Step

How many if you have told yourself you’d start yoga, a new fitness class, or go back to school soon and never have?

It’s interesting to me how we, as humans, do that. A dog decides to do something and they just do it. No big thought process, no procrastination, no sinking feeling that they might feel. I believe we could all take a few lessons from our furry friends. As adults, our cautious fear factory grows – we wake up one day and we are stuck; immobile, because we are scared to do the things we want. You can replace fear with words like tired or busy, but, truly, i feel like it’s all just an excuse for the bigger picture – we are scared to fail.

What if we broke things up into smaller bite sized pieces? What if we made the bigs things digestible? Instead of your goal being, “I need to lose ___lbs,” what if it’s just to go to that class? What if it’s just stepping foot on that yoga mat for 15 times this month? And then show up, make yourself accountable to yourself. Support YOU and YOUR well-being and YOUR goals.

The journey of 1,000 miles truly starts with just one step.


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