An Adventure In Your Own Backyard

photo by Jane Slone

In the coming days and weeks, we need to think of ways to entertain ourselves without a crowd of people. What better choice than to take up bird watching? There are benefits to this hobby. Spending time in a quiet place without having to be around other people. This activity is an opportunity to spend time outside and learn about the animals that live among us. It is a moderate activity and has been shown to reduce stress. We could all use that!

If you do not want to go bird watching, you could build a home in your garden for these magnificent flying animals. I decided to add bird houses to my garden. I have never had  Eastern Bluebirds in my yard, and I have been in the same place for over 25 years.

I researched and found that Bluebirds like a unique house, so I purchased and hung their house. I have a pair of Eastern Bluebirds raising a family. This has been a wonderful outdoor experience experiment!

Find a tree or post and mount your bird house. The birds like a house with a small opening toward the top of the house. Not sure how they know this fact, but they prefer the box to face east.

photo by Jane Slone

You place and they will come! I have had Bluebirds for the first time. Eastern Bluebirds’ scientific name is Sialia sialia, and they are family oriented. Both the male and the female, as you can see from my backyard pictures.

Give it a try, It may open your world to a new adventure! To find other bird watchers, check out the Texas Bird Watchers and Photographers group on Facebook!

 Jane Slone writes articles on gardening for EllisDownHome.comJane grew up in Dallas, and moved with her husband to Ellis County 25 years ago. She opened three flower shops, operated, and eventually sold the shops. She taught Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology at the college level and retired 26 years later. She loves to garden and has become a Master Gardener. Her joy is teaching others about gardening! 


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