Becky’s Kitchen – Pêche Mignon

Join Becky as she makes this delectable cocktail, and teaches us how to make them for ourselves! Peche Mignon Ice ball mold or other suitable container Raspberries Peaches, mangoes, strawberries or other fruit Orange juice Mint leaves (optional) Muddle or crush raspberries and put...

Becky’s Kitchen – Monterey Quiche Becky shares with us one of her favorite quiche recipes in her kitchen today. See the recipe below! 2 pie crusts partially baked (10 inch) 6 eggs ½ tsp salt ½ tsp white pepper 1 ¾ cups heavy cream 1 cup Jack cheese 1 cup...

Rewind: Becky’s Kitchen – “The Punch Lady”

We're going back to an episode perfect for warmer weather! Find out why Becky has been named "The Punch Lady" and get the how-to's to make her famous Sangria and Strawberry Punch.

Becky’s Kitchen: Pat’s Fruta Dessert

In this segment of Becky's Kitchen, we're back in Pat's Kitchen to learn about her delicious and easy fruit dessert.

Becky’s Kitchen: Pat’s Meat Sauce

Pat guest hosts this segment of Becky's kitchen, bringing her promised lesson on making the best meat sauce.  

DownHome/UpClose: Jane’s Garden – Rose Pruning Presentation

Jane Sloan, the lovely host of our Jane's Garden segments, gave a presentation about pruning rose bushes at a meeting of the Corsicana Better Gardens Club.


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