Monday Motivation – February 13, 2023

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! If you wrote your Unifying Principles, you took a huge bite and the most significant action in closing the Values-Performance Gap. Writing your Unifying Principles should’ve been a motivating and liberating challenge. You may have identified some things you need to do in the process. If you didn’t, take another look because those are the governing principles of your life! Big Stuff, Huge Stuff!

Now with your Unifying Principles describing who you are and how you live, it’s time to capture your long-range goals. Regardless of where you are now, rich or poor, strong or weak, it would be best if you had goals in every area of your life. These seven areas, or buckets as I call them, require action. You can also use the Stephen Covey approach and define your goals within the roles of your life. Generally, these buckets break down into three groups: Those that enable your life, improve your life, and the reason for your life. Some will be tangible, like making more money, and some will be intangible, like enhancing a relationship. While goals should always be specific and measurable, these goals are the big ones for which the intermediate goals will create a plan of action. Here is some soup starter:

Spiritual – Have faith in the Holy Trinity and live a Christian life daily.
Physical/Health- Live a healthy life by exercising daily, eating a healthy diet, sleeping 7-9 hours nightly, minimizing bad habits, and having routine medical and dental exams.
Family/Relationships – Make time daily for my family; love my wife and children unconditionally; provide a safe, stable, and loving home for my family; take a family vacation annually.
Job and Career – Serve my employer well; grow in my career through study and diligence; develop expertise in my chosen field and own my practice within ten years.
Money/Finances – Attain financial freedom through investment in real estate and other assets; minimize taxes; live according to a budget and planned spending.
Personal Growth- Maximize my growth in my chosen profession, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.
Social/Community- Be aware of issues in my community, vote in elections, and educate my family on the Constitution and the values of our Constitutional Republic.

This process is challenging, so start this week by writing notes about those big goals and keep working on them until you’re satisfied. Then prioritize them, and next time we will discuss how to make the plan.

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