Monday Motivation – January 10, 2022


We can’t control time, but we can analyze events and decide if we can control those events.

There are four types of events:

(1)Those we cannot control, like weather, sunrise, aging, etc. to which we adapt;

(2)those we think we cannot control, but we can, like interruptions; (3)those we think we can control, but we don’t, and they are many more than we admit;

(4)those we think we can control, but we can’t, these require a reality check, like what people think about us;

(5) and then there are events we can control, and we do.

When we control events, we can ensure those events align with our values and goals, congruity. Congruity is experiencing balance, harmony, and appropriateness with the events in your life. I don’t use the term balance much because it is overused and misunderstood. It gives the impression that everything should be of equal proportion, but I’ve never met anyone expert at everything. Some days weight toward work, some toward family, some physical, some intellectual or spiritual, some urgent, and hopefully more that are not urgent. That’s the great thing about life; we get to decide what goes in it and how much.  So, this week, consider the events in your life and work that you can control and aren’t.


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