Monday Motivation – January 30, 2023

Clarity and congruity are two key concepts in personal and organizational strategic planning. As used in the personal development world, clarity has many applications. More than transparency, it includes focus and unambiguous understanding. We can’t just use a word to define a value. It must have context in your life or business, which can start with a dictionary definition, but these are the pillars of your life on which you will build all you are and do, so make sure you have clarity!

Congruity is similarly essential. The only time I ever heard the word congruity was in high school geometry class, until 1989, when I listened to Dr. Charles Hobbs’ Time Power program. Dr. Hobbs defined congruity as “experiencing balance, harmony, and appropriateness with the events in your life.” That got my attention, but something was missing. To experience anything, one must do something, not just anything, because you could be doing the wrong thing, and your performance wouldn’t align with your values. So, to be congruous, one must live with integrity, according to your highest values. So to live in congruity, we must live with integrity.

The most significant obstacle to success is the values-performance gap, so this week write a couple of sentences of context for your values and get clarity. Then write down one thing you must do to live each value. Take action and start creating congruity in your life.

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