Monday Motivation – July 25, 2022


Leaders do what must be done.

My Dad used to say, “Son, whatever you do, give it 110%,” and my brothers taught me to “hustle between the white lines on the baseball diamond.” So, I learned to work hard and with intensity, but leaders also need to figure out what needs to be done. We don’t get to choose to do only the easy or fun tasks. Although some people may try – they aren’t leaders. Often what we must do is very messy and painful. People are messy, and leadership is about people. Leaders don’t get to choose what kind of leader they are; they must be what their organization and their people need when they need it. We get to choose who we are, not what we are, beyond choosing to lead. We must prioritize what needs doing, put our time and effort into those tasks, and take them to completion.

Leadership is a 24/7, full-contact sport! Leaders must bring their “A Game” daily to create the best outcomes for your organization and your people in every situation. We must do what must be done.

So what is that hard task or situation you’ve been avoiding? Take it on this week, and do what must be done.

Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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