Monday Motivation – May 16, 2022

Business and Professional Goals

Do you get up every morning wanting to go to work? Why not?

What do you want to accomplish in your work? Why haven’t you done so?

Are you in the right business? If you keep doing the same thing, will you be in this business in 10 years?

For 30 years as a Marine, I got up every day wanting to go to work. I learned and did everything I could to be the best at whatever job I was assigned. My values, vision, mission, purpose, and goals were aligned, and I pursued them with all my passion. I was successful and fulfilled.

Then I transitioned to the private sector. I worked for a couple of good companies and had great bosses, but I stopped getting out of bed, excited to work. I was enduring, not attacking. A senior Marine friend told me I wasn’t a businessman; “I am a Marine.” I looked at my values, vision, mission, purpose, goals, and performance. I didn’t have any professional business goals, my vision was blurry, and while I was working hard, my performance was uninspired. I decided, “I am a Marine and more.” I assessed my talents, competencies, capabilities, and motivations. I revised my vision, set some goals, and started my business doing something that I can’t wait to do every day.

So, if your values, vision, mission, and purpose are aligned, look at your job and career; what are you doing to improve your competence, capabilities, and performance? If your work isn’t aligned with your vision or mission, maybe you’re in the wrong industry. The answers to these questions become your business or career goals. Oh, and if you think you’ve arrived, you haven’t. We can all be better,

Because “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.” ™


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