Monday Motivation – October 17, 2022

Leaders are competent and inspiring.

Leaders can only inspire people if they are competent. That’s the start. I would further say they need to be proficient in both their occupation and as a leader. To do so, they must continually move forward in knowledge and experience. While they can be inspiring personalities, they can’t lead if they aren’t proficient and knowledgeable in the organization’s workings. Kouzes and Posner state that “people need to know that the leader has had the breadth of experiences that will enable him or her to lead through the challenges that the organization faces at the time.” Their experience is built upon their character and beliefs, a sincere desire to improve their abilities, and the organization’s state. The leader’s ability to get things done inspires confidence.

Additionally, Kouzes and Posner say, “people expect their leaders to be excited, energetic, and positive about the future. A person who is enthusiastic and passionate about future possibilities conveys to others a stronger belief in those possibilities than someone who shows little or no emotion.” Here, the marrying of energy and emotion with competence produces results. Conversely, leaders full of emotion without substance quickly lose credibility and are seen as disingenuous. Action must follow enthusiasm, and results must follow actions because actions speak louder than words.

One of the significant criticisms of politicians is that they will say anything to get elected and then do whatever they want. But how did they get elected? Had they ever produced anything besides vacuous ideas and emotional noise? While every candidate can’t be an expert in their prospective office, they have a performance record.

So, this week look at what your candidates have accomplished.

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