My Everyday Valentine

Taking a rare day off…I arose this morning early, got dressed and hit the road in my old red Jeep.

No real plan, just wanted to take advantage of an unusually nice February day.

Plus, I do some of my best thinking, somewhere between second and third gear as I bounce down the back roads just outside of town.

It is still winter here in north Texas. Most of the trees I see lining the road are stripped bare of their foliage with an occasional verdant Cedar defiantly breaking rank.

Even without the vibrant hues of a still distant Spring…this season has its own appeal…not defined by accomplishment, color, shape or size.

As I think about it…I love this season exactly for what it is today…not for what it might become or even for what it was in the past.

Almost 33 years ago, a young woman made this same promise to me.

Over the many years, she has never wavered from that commitment to love me as I am.

She supports my every dream and is always there with outstretched arms…whether I cross the finish line or not.

Her arresting beauty defies time itself and her abilities never cease to amaze.

Her heart is all the evidence I need of a divine creator and a far greater gift than I ever deserved.

Alone, I am a little like this old base model Jeep…struggling to make it up this hill.

However, with her love…her friendship…I am carried over the highest peaks and through the deepest valleys.

There is a reason that this morning’s drive has spurred such personal thoughts.

That certain day is upon us when we celebrate and recognize our special loves.

However, there is not enough flowers, jewelry or even Dark Chocolate (it has to be “Dark” chocolate!) in this world to adequately honor this person…the one person that chose to share her life with a “base model” man…who needs her much more than he will ever know.

Sure…I’ll mark the day with a funny card and possibly some heart-shaped confections.

What I really want her to know…even though I do not always show it…is that my devotion and appreciation for her extends far beyond an arbitrary date on the calendar.


You are my Valentine…


From Hall (1.15) Acres…
Midlothian, Texas…

Please, neighbors and friends, have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Greg T. Hall

– Greg Hall and his wife Stephanie reside in Midlothian. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington Business School and serves as COO at Spring Creek Restaurants. With his writing, Greg…a former award-winning, small town columnist…strives to use a positive perspective, humor and personal observations to connect with readers from every walk of life.


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