National Make A Friend Day / Satisfied Being Single Day

National Make A Friend Day

February 11

This special day was created to encourage people to find a new friend. Research shows the average person will have 396 friendships in their lives, however, only 36 will last. Out of the 33, only 6 will be considered to be close friends while the 27 others are considered thought of as being social friends (i.e. workmates, drinking buddies, etc.). Best friends are not those one sees most often but those one thinks of most. People tend to see their best friend only once in eight weeks. People aged over 70, but having an extensive network, tended to live 22% longer than those with less extensive networks.

Satisfied Being Single Day

February 11

There is some irony that National Make A Friend Day is celebrated on February 11th and on the exact same day there is another occasion dedicated to people who should be satisfied being single. However, they are not mutually exclusive. The Single and Proud Of It movement is geared toward romantic interactions and not platonic relationships. It is a day, again ironically, commemorated just a few days before Valentines Day. If remaining unattached is something you seek or already enjoy, you may wish to purchase the book: 101 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Single by Karleen Dee. One of the benefits she states is that when you’re single your toilet seat is exactly in the position you left it.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Jennifer Anniston – Actress – 50 – born in Sherman Oaks, California

Thomas Edison – Inventor – passed at age 84 – born in Milan, Ohio


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