National Picnic Day / English Muffin Day

National Picnic Day

April 23

The word picnic seems to come from the French words pique-nique. It appeared in the Origines de la Langue Francaise in 1692 and was used to describe a group of people dining (in a restaurant) who brought their own wine. The similarity of the sounds of the French words and our word picnic lend some to think they are related. In Japan, cherry blossom season announces the arrival of spring, along with the start of hanami (cherry blossom viewing picnic season). In the year 2000, the first Bastille Day of the new millennium was celebrated with a 600 mile long picnic which was organized in France on the 14th of July. And, here is a fun fact about picnics:  once an ant has visited your picnic, it lays down a scent so that all its ant buddies can join the party too.

English Muffin Day

April 23

For all those who love English Muffins, especially at breakfast with a variety of toppings from a fried egg to jam, today is special for you. English Muffins were invented by Samuel Bath Thomas who opened his bakery in New York in 1880 after perfecting the recipe. Now selling 1 billion English Muffins each year, the Thomas’ brand is recognized internationally. Order an English muffin in England and you’ll most likely get a funny look. Like French fries, it’s just an American moniker.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

William Shakespeare – Playwright – born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Shirley Temple – Actress & Diplomat – born in Santa Monica, California


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