I arrived home in time today to make a short drive down the hill to the small lake.

This past summer’s heat had finally ebbed away and this evening was undeniable evidence.

I gazed at the still water…motionless and unaffected by the soft winds that carried the very fragrance of peace.

As I stood at the edge of the muddy bank…I drew a deep redeeming breath…drinking in all this Texas day had to offer.

I do not know if it is the same for you…but for me…this season of the year represents a time of rejuvenation.

The calendar pays homage to January as the month of “fresh starts.”

Not me…

In my mind, no month represents renewal…thankfulness, family and friends as much as November.

It is my happy time of year…but it does come with moments of reflection.

So much in my life has transpired since I last tasted this “Lone Star” Autumn air.

Mostly, I miss the embrace of my loved ones that did not cross this latest span of time.

As the sun begins to set …their affectionate countenance greet me in the sky above…their uplifting voices linger in the dissipating breeze.

I do not feel sadness…rather I am restored and encouraged.

I am inspired to hold on to my family and friends ever tighter.

To feel free to laugh louder, cry harder and love more sincerely as we all travel together through all the Novembers yet to come.

Overhead, a cacophonous group of geese broke me away from my sentimentality.

I took advantage of the lingering light to identify the correct key to start the ignition on my old Wrangler.

The headlights do not work that well, but I still made it up the hill to the road.

No room in the garage…so the jeep gets parked out in front of the barn tonight.

I’d left the blinds open earlier, and now the warm amber lights from my living room shown through the back window…they acted as an inviting guide to lead me up to the house.

As I walked…a brisk breeze made one more pass. I smiled because it still carried the same tranquility I’d felt down beside the water.

It caused me to linger briefly at my back door.

Although, it is dark now….I realize that the sun will rise tomorrow…and with it…bring back the inherent challenges of life.

When that happens, I hope that I can remember this wonderful November moment of PEACE.

It permeates the air, if only I stop…and…


From Hall (1.15) Acres…

Please have a good day.


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