Opposite Day / National Irish Coffee Day

Opposite Day

January 25

It is believed that National Opposite Day came into being to celebrate a children’s game where one child tells his friends to do a specific action and they must do the exact opposite. January 25th is a day when a person should do the reverse of what they usually do such as eating a breakfast meal for dinner or reading instead of watching TV.

National Irish Coffee Day

January 25

In 1943, Joe Sheridan, a chef at a restaurant in the Foynes airport in Ireland, concocted a drink to warm up passengers waiting for a plane. He mixed strong coffee with brown sugar, Irish whiskey and heavy cream. The drink became popular and was later brought to San Francisco in 1952 by a travel writer, Stanton Delaplane, to the owner of the Buena Vista Café, a neighborhood bar a block from the bayfront. If you are ever at Fisherman’s Wharf a visit to the Buena Vista is a must.  It is usually very crowded, but worth the experience to witness the bartender perform his ritual of making multiple Irish Coffees all at the same time.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Alicia Keys – Singer – born in New York City, New York

Steve Prefontaine – Long Distance Runner – born in Eugene, Oregon


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