Should you be on the alert?

Many of us have seen the TV commercial, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.” As artificial as it sounds it is estimated in any given year about 25 percent of Americans age 65+ fall and that falling is the leading cause of senior injury and death. One safeguard is a medical alert system.

The following Internet websites and resources provide information which may be useful in determining if you or a loved one should use a medical alert system.

  • What features matter most in a medical alert system.

    AARP gives a good overview of what to look for in a medical alert system, including different types, their effectiveness, portability, costs, functions and what you need the system to do. Click here for a good reference article to begin your research. CLICK HERE

  • Steps to take in choosing a medical alert system.

    This website from WikiHow presents a step-by-step process in selecting a medical alert system best suited for the senior end user. It begins with “who do you want notified” and precedes through functions, mobility, options, pricing and many other considerations. Click here for a detailed checklist of factors to bear in mind before looking at specific systems. CLICK HERE

  • Comparison of 9 different systems.

    Consumer Report presents and analysis of a variety of manufactures and their medical alert system. Click here to begin your consideration process. CLICK HERE


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