STEAM into Spring

This Proud to be Primary site has 22 great STEAM activities for primary kids to study. There are investigations like “Growing Beans on Cotton Balls” or growing “cress heads” in an eggshell. There are math games, science experiments and much more on this site. I can’t wait to do some of these activities with my grandchildren! Check it out by clicking here.

  • Seven Awesome Spring SEAM Activities

    This is an amazing site with seven STEAM challenges for kids that are designed to teach kids how to think creatively and learn to be problem solvers so they can be prepared for the future. The challenges combine the use of technology, science, engineering, music and art. One is about exploring sound vibrations by making a musical instrument. Another activity is pendulum painting -definitely an outdoor lesson! You will want to get started on these lessons ASAP. Click to view the site. CLICK HERE

  • STEM Activities for Kids

    This site is from The Educators Spin On It. There are 50 STEM activities that can be done at home. They are designed to “encourage your child to think and be creative as they begin to think like inventors.” AND the activities only require everyday things you already have at your home! I love this website because there are so many varied activities covering a broad range of interests and areas. Click here to see. You will not be disappointed. CLICK HERE

STEAM activities are the perfect way to help your students learn and have fun at the same time! Do you have some favorite STEAM lessons? We want to know!


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