Tell Us About Your School Days

Whether you’re a new graduate or looking forward to your 50th high school reunion, there is pride embedded in people everywhere, certainly in Ellis County, for their high school, middle school and elementary school. Some of our best relationships emanate from our days as students, from friendships to marriages and schools are where some of the most special moments in our lives take place – moments we will cherish forever.

DownHome is the place for you to keep track of not just your school, but of classmates, as well. As DownHome grows in user populated content, news and information from schools across America will be provided. Links to yearbooks, calendars of events, general news about schools and connecting with long-ago friends will be made possible. And, so will keeping up with those who gave so much to educate you, coach you, take care of and help you in ways that have an impact on you even today. You may also learn of the passing of someone who made a real difference in your life and, thereby, be able to attend a meaningful funeral or share heartfelt sympathy.

Many who live in Ellis County went to school somewhere else thereby making it a bit more difficult to connect. As such, DownHome is designed to be an easy-to-use source to stay connected to the school of your choice in more simpler ways than you can find now. From athletics to academics and drama to music, you will find school information right here.

Users of DownHome will be able to post more unique or special news about a given school, too. Whether recitals, plays, banquets, achievements, life changes and the like, you can let others know. DownHome is intended to be the place to share content that is informative, safe, fun and good. My School will be a popular part of DownHome given the value we all place on our school years. So, share as much as you’d like, reconnect with old friends, learn about what’s happening at your schools and have fun all along the way. There is, after all, a lot going on DownHome.


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