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Welcome to DownHome’s My School section. Here, you’ll be able to post whatever you’d like about the happenings at your respective school. This part of the site is intended to make it possible for teachers, parents and students alike to not just find out when the next game is or if anything special is happening, but to also share experiences and ideas, as well.

Teachers can post updates on homework deadlines, reminders about tests, changes on the class calendar or any other item of news they’d like to share. Parents can check on each of those things in real time in addition to seeing how their child’s class is doing, what specific needs may exist, what’s next for their student, etc. Students can keep up-to-date on what’s due, when it’s due and if there are events coming up that they need to know about.
All of what can be found in My School will be positive and good, pleasant and informational. Rather than having to go through various steps to be in the know, everyone on My School can see and read the same thing. Given the importance of communication, DownHome will make communicating between teacher, parent and student much simpler and easier.

Of course, communicating well is based on how committed teachers, parents and students are to constantly updating information. We’ll make it easy for you. By allowing DownHome, My School to be your source of school information in Ellis County, everyone will benefit. Users will be free of the often-times difficult process of gathering specific information as well as the distractions found on other platforms. From posts to photographs to videos, My School will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of important relationships.

This site is for every teacher, parent and student of every school in Ellis County. Feel free to use it to your advantage while making certain the environment is safe and kind. We won’t bombard you with all the distractions and we certainly want to stay clear of that which isn’t productive.

Enjoy your experience and please let us know if there are ways we can make it better. And, oh yes, you can brag all you want about your school, its students, teachers, administrators and volunteers. We like to hear the Good News.


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