The Sporting Life

Part of America’s soul is filled with sports of all kinds for people of all ages. Whether it is a solo sport like golf or team sports like football, from peewee to seniors participating in a sport activity is advantageous. The following Internet resources gives you insights on how sports are beneficial to both youth and adults.

  • Youth Sports

    The benefits for young people who become involved in sports are many. To learn about the benefits of youth sports ranging from health improvement and an increase in academic performance to social well-being and better overall behaviors, CLICK HERE

  • 21 Life Lessons Kids Learn Through Youth Sports

    It’s important for youth to know sports teaches them more than how to dribble, kick or hit a ball. This site presents 21 different lessons adults can point out to their children which helps form values. For an enlightening article on the life lessons learned in sports CLICK HERE

  • Adult Sports

    Adults of all ages and physical capabilities also benefit from the role of sports in the lives. The physical benefits are obvious yet the psychological and attitudinal benefits of being active in organize sports as an adult are often overlooked. For information that explains the ways in which adults can improve their lives by allowing sports to remain a part of it, CLICK HERE

  • Adults in Active Sports

    A Harvard poll finds that although almost three in four adults played sports when they were younger (73%), only one in four (25%) continue to play sports as adults. However, almost nine in ten parents whose middle school or high school aged child plays sports (89%) say that their child benefits a great deal or quite a bit from participating in sports. To see the results of the very interesting study CLICK HERE

Share with us the lessons you learned in sports in your youth or the benefits you get from continuing to be active. Send us your comments, photos or videos and we will share them with our readers.


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