Up Close Rewind: Becky’s Kitchen – Pêche Mignon

Join Becky as she makes this delectable cocktail and teaches us how to make them for ourselves!


Peche Mignon:

Ice ball mold or other suitable container

Raspberries Peaches, mangoes, strawberries or other fruit

Orange juice

Mint leaves (optional)


Muddle or crush raspberries and put about a spoonful in the bottom of the mold.

Put a mint leaf on top of the raspberries if using. Dice other fruit and put on top of the raspberries and mint.

If using an ice ball mold, snap on the top and pour in some orange juice. Be careful not to overfill because there will be some expansion when it freezes.

If using a silicon muffin pan, after you put the fruit in, freeze first, then add the orange juice and freeze again.

Remove from mold and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer. To serve, place iceball in glass and pour Proseco or your choice of another “mixer” over it and enjoy!





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