About Us



Ellis County is special and so are its people. Although it’s adjacent to one of the most dynamic metro areas in the US, it has retained its rural, laid back, country-feel and lifestyle. It embodies a sense of the expanded community we call home. When you live in Ellis County you feel downhome.

Ellisdownhome.com was created to provide a place for residents to share life – their thoughts, experiences and skills along a neighbor-to-neighbor backyard fence that stretches 952 square miles of the county. It is an interactive pipeline where residents can read, discuss and view what interests them. The website is a “water cooler” at which the almost 200,000 residents of our county can gather and comment on a wide variety of interesting topics.


The culture and lifestyle advantages of living in Ellis County is exactly the reason why EllisDownhome.com exists. Instantly you can find out what’s happening in our county – from festivals to school news, town hall meetings to restaurants, or a comprehensive listing of every doctor, church, government, utility, bank and other valuable services. You can quickly view articles, stories, and resources for detailed and topic specific information. The site gives you links to local businesses, information on area movies, the local weather and so much more. If its about Ellis County, you’ll find it on EllisDownhome.com!


Our contributors start the conversation and readers are encouraged to participate. If the cooking section has a special recipe and you have a variation, we want you to post yours. Have a unique way to repair a sagging door – send it in. Have a favorite restaurant or eatery – let the readership know. EllisDownhome.com is not just a website, it is YOU!


The beauty of EllisDownhome.com is that it reflects what the people in our county are thinking, saying and doing – always evolving with input from our readers. Our goal is to be timely, relevant, and valuable to the community and its residents for whom we serve. If you love Ellis County, you’ll love the site.

So welcome to Ellisdownhome.com and let us know how we’re doing.