“Souper” Month

In The Spotlight: Apples

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In The Spotlight: Mint

Who doesn’t like the smell of mint? I certainly do. In fact, the last thing I do after cleaning the house, is spritz a little peppermint essential oil in each room to signify the cleaning is done!...

Easy Fall Recipes

Each season brings its own beauty and bounty. While I could never get enough of fresh veggies from the garden, I am enjoying cooking with an autumn twist – more soups, squash, quick breads and of course...

Thank You Lidia!

It is probably no surprise to learn that I love to watch cooking shows. One of my favorites is called Lidia’s Italy which features award-winning chef and restauranteur Lidia Bastianich who specializes in Italian and Italian-American cuisine....


Beauty Salons

This page lists, by city, beauty salons. Although many of the salons noted...

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