Polished Vase | Decor @ Home

Yvonne is back with an easy idea to add unique designs to a vase - just in time for Valentine's Day! https://youtu.be/Hmjp6-S-2D0

Becky’s Kitchen: BBQ Sloppy Joes

https://youtu.be/MPLCniQaHaU BARBECUE SLOPPY JOES 1 pound ground beef 1 cup water 4 tablespoons tomato paste 3 tablespoons barbecue sauce 2 tablespoons onion soup mix Hamburger buns or slider buns Coleslaw (optional)  In a large skillet, cook ground beef...

Becky’s Kitchen: Chicken Tortilla Soup

https://youtu.be/IVH1JUfjjsg Soup is the ultimate comfort food. I love to start a pot of soup in the morning and tweak it throughout the day. I might adjust the seasonings or add a little more broth so that it...

Stop kitchen fires, protect your home

Most home fires start in kitchens. Learn about preventing and putting out fires: Don’t walk away while food is cooking. If you have to leave, even for a short time, turn off the burner. If something catches fire...

Lightsaber Light Strands | Decor @ Home

Yvonne brings a fun craft using decorative light strands and straws that any Star Wars fan is sure to love! https://youtu.be/5iy2GmbdARY

Ghost Candle Jars | Decor @ Home

Yvonne brings us her latest decor at home project, a simple project that's perfect for halloween: Ghost Candle Jars! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kubJGKOtUP8


What’s Special About Today? …

Each day marks something interesting that has happened in the past, or celebrates...

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