Are You a Leader?: Monday Motivation March 4, 2024

Over the last two months, I’ve spoken about character and some of my unifying principles. I wanted to show how the internal world corresponds with the external world, especially for leaders. While you can improve your life and performance by working on your unifying principles, you only become a leader when you commit to leading. So, what is leadership? Leadership is the actions a leader takes to inspire his followers to transcend to something greater than self. Leadership is about what the leader does. The Marine Corps lists fourteen leadership traits and eleven principles. They are all true, and I agree with them. Many other books and organizations define others. That’s because leadership is nuanced by the organization and the mission. Because it is nuanced, the leader must be what the organization and mission require. So, to guide my daughter and young leaders, I consolidated these ideas into my five principles. Leaders treat their people like the heroes they may become. Everyone in the organization has value. Leaders are competent. They know themselves, their job, and the industry at the level that they must interact. Leaders own the mission. They take responsibility for the mission and accept accountability. Leaders go the extra mile. They go the extra mile for the organization and their people. Leaders learn something and teach something every day. They grow personally and grow their people by learning as an apprentice to a master and teaching what they have mastered to their apprentices. Consider your leadership commitment this week, whether at home, work, or another organization. Are you doing what needs to be done? Are you a leader? To become a better leader, sign up for my newsletter or set up an appointment at the link below:

Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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