15 Home Projects To Do This Fall

The Family Handyman website lists 15 projects around the house which all of us should undertake in preparation for the Fall and Winter. They are listed here along with the site’s recommendations for ways to accomplish each task or consider options.

The Family Handyman is my go-to site for home repairs and DIY projects. Click here if you want to go to their homepage and see all the great resources they offer.


It’s important to check seals around doors and window to keep heating costs to a minimum. If you need to replace weather-stripping, click here for good advice from the Family Handyman.

The Attic

It’s a smart idea to seal any air leaks in the attic. Click here for ways to better insulate your attic.


Every Fall it’s a good idea to change filters on your furnace. However, if your heating unit is 10-15 years old, click here for some sound suggestions on what to consider if you need to purchase a new furnace.


Before it gets too cold and cleaning out your gutters becomes a frigid chore consider how much easier gutters would be to maintain if you used gutter guards. Click here for some recommendations on what to look for and how to install gutter guards.


Single-pane windows are just not energy efficient. If you are considering upgrading to double-pane models, or better yet, window sealed with gas, click here about FAQs regarding purchasing replacement windows.


Your perennial plants and flowers need to have some protection against the chills of winter. Click here to see Family Handyman’s guide to mulch.


The heat of the Texas sun and strong summer winds can often cause roof shingle damage which needs to be fixed before winter arrives. Click here to learn some sound tips on shingle repair.


Whether you have a wood burning fireplace or gas logs, it’s smart to give the firebox, damper, and gas apparatus a thorough inspection and cleaning. Click here for when cleaning a flue is needed.

Ceiling Fans

Once heat is needed, all ceiling fans should be switched to a mode which draws air up for circulation. When you do that, it is wise to balance each fan. Click here for recommendations on how to achieve that chore.

Winterize Outdoor AC Units

When it’s time for your outdoor AC units to go into hibernation, the Family Handyman has some good ways to clean your condenser. Click here to read the article.


When your mowing season has come to a close, you should drain the oil and clean your machines. Click here for steps to tune up your mower when Spring comes again.

Outdoor Grill

We are blessed in Texas to be able to grill outdoors for most of the year, but there are a few months where winter gets a tad harsh. Click here to find out how to tune up your grill when Spring rolls around.


Rugs and carpets tend to get dirtier during summer months when people spend more time outdoors and then track the outside in. Fall is a good time to give your carpets a detailed cleaning. Click here for some helpful tips.

Irrigation System

It’s always nice to have the Fall arrive and dodge those big outdoor lawn and garden watering bills. Covering spigots and other types of watering winterization is key to protecting against bursting water pipes. When it’s time to get back to watering in the Spring, click here if you would like to learn the advantages of a drip irrigation system.


After trees and bushes have lost their leaves its good to prune. Click here for some really useful suggestions on the pruning process.


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