My Family’s Journey to Toxin-Free Living

A couple of years ago, we received some startling test results on our children. They had a gene mutation that could severely affect their health. In fact, from our understanding, their ability to detox the things that get into their bodies…whether they’ve eaten it, breathed it in or absorbed it through their skin… is compromised by up to 90%. My heart was pounding as I began looking over the list of changes we’d need to make in light of the test results…

I got a lump in my throat.

And then tears of gratitude.

We were already doing all of the things we were supposed to be doing.

And had been for years….

For years I’d been working on reducing my family’s toxic load. I had been rethinking the food that we eat, the lotions we slather on our bodies, the candles we’d burn. Guess what? It mattered!!!

Our bodies were never meant to process all of the chemicals that we’re exposed to on the daily. You may not have the gene mutation we do (though you might! It’s believed that 40% of people have it, but few people know it!), but your body still wasn’t made to process the myriad of chemicals that it encounters every day.

Sooooo….I’m here to help! I want to take your hand and bring you along on our toxin-free journey. I’ll share changes we’ve made and changes we’re making. I’ll share DIY recipes, favorite products, ideas, and inspiration!

You’ll be surprised how rewarding it is. You’ll be surprised how much BETTER you’ll feel. You’ll be surprised how pampering this type of self-care can be!

A friend of mine once shared with me the quote, “Shavings make a pile.” We didn’t make our changes overnight. We did little “shavings” of change over time and we’re continuing to make them. Our “pile” of positive change is growing!

I hope you’ll join us on making some “shavings” of positive changes!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or scientist! I’m just a mom trying to make positive changes for my family.

Me with my 3 guys!


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