Burgers Top The List At Pop’s Burger Stand

*Note: This article was written before the Covid-19 shut-down. But good news! Pop’s Burger Stand in Waxahachie is still open for take-out! Please continue to support them and all your small businesses!

When I need a burger fix, my go-to in Waxahachie is Pop’s Burger Stand, located on Hwy 77 near the square. The ramshackle building offers indoor seating, but if we’re going to eat there, we like the picnic benches under the trees.

Pop’s offers many burgers to appeal to all burger lovers, from those who like their burgers plain to those who want all the “fixin’s.” My favorites include the Vroom Burger with sautéed mushrooms and provolone cheese and the Bleu Cheese Rumble with, you guessed it, blue cheese! Of course, customers can get a plain burger, nothing but the meat, or any combination of toppings.  The burgers are juicy which makes a burger taste better for me. The Black Bean Burger even meets the needs of vegetarians. The Chub’s Big Block is perfect for those with big appetites. Six patties, 39 ounces of meat, and your choice of toppings are combined to make a monstrous meal.

Pop’s offers many premium toppings including different cheeses, a fried egg, avocado, and grilled onions, jalapeños, and mushrooms. They also provide “Bird Call” options, for those who want chicken, and Kids’ Meals that come with fries and a drink. They have everything visitors can want fried with generous portions of potatoes, onions, pickles, and mushrooms. (These do better when you eat them there. Ours get soggy by the time they get home.) All of Pop’s meals can be completed with old-fashion milkshakes, floats, or fried pies.

Pop’s is quickly becoming an institution in Waxahachie and has a loyal following that visitors can always find sitting at “their” table. It’s a fun place, especially when the weather is perfect, and visitors want to give their children some time outside.

Have you eaten at Pop’s? Which is your favorite burger? Please let us know in the comment section below! Here is a link to their Facebook page to see their latest news and know how to order some delicious burgers!!

-Candace Ahlfinger is a lover of travel, adventure, and good food and fun! Traveling is a great experience that enriches her life, and she loves to go anywhere and everywhere with her wonderful husband or her children and grandchildren. Whether it’s trying a new local restaurant or sharing a long-time favorite, she loves giving the readers of Ellis DownHome new places to try!



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