Paul Bunyan Day / National Ceviche Day

Paul Bunyan Day

June 28

Paul Bunyan is a giant lumberjack and folk hero in American and Canadian folklore. His exploits revolve around the tall tales of his superhuman labors, and he is customarily accompanied by Babe the Blue Ox. The character originated in the oral tradition of North American loggers, and was later popularized by freelance writer William Laughead (1882–1958). Michael Edmonds states in his 2009 book Out of the Northwoods: The Many Lives of Paul Bunyan that Paul Bunyan stories circulated for at least thirty years before finding their way into print.

National Ceviche Day

June 28

Ceviche was originally from South America and eventually spread into Mexico and Central America. There is some debate on whether it originally came from Peru or Ecuador. Ceviche is chilled fish stew. In order to be ceviche, it needs to be “cooked” in lime juice or other types of citrus. Depending on the recipe, it may or may not be served with tomatoes, onions peppers or other vegetables. In Mexico, ceviche is served with tortillas. There are many ways to make ceviche. Typically, ceviche is made with whatever fresh fish is local to the area the ceviche is being prepared. In Peru this is Sea Bass or Sole. In Australia, this may be Flathead or Pink Snapper. Other common fresh fishes you will find in ceviche include octopus, squid, prawns, shellfish or shrimp. Mexico holds the record for world’s largest ceviche at an impressive 4.5 tons.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Mel Brooks – Comedian & Producer – 89 – born in Brooklyn, New York

Kellie Pickler – Singer – 33 – born near Albemarle, North Carolina


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