National Absurdity Day / Queen Elizabeth Marries Prince Phillip

National Absurdity Day

November 20th

Although the origins of National Absurdity Day are unknown, it is felt it was begun by philosophers known as “Absurdist” who dealt with the chaos between an individual’s search for meaning in their live and the disharmony of the meaninglessness of one’s life.  However, for most people the day has come to symbolize the invitation to do something wacky on this day.  It is a day when you can be silly or zany in what you wear or the actions you do.

Queen Elizabeth Marries Prince Phillip

November 20th

On this day in 1947, Princess Elizabeth married Phillip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, in Westminster Abbey.  At the time, Elizabeth’s father, George VI, was King of England.  He passed away in February 1952, and Elizabeth became Queen of England.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Joe Biden – Former Vice President and current President-Elect, born in Scranton, PA

Richard Dawson – Original host of Family Feud – born in Gosport, England


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