Get Organized: Monday Motivation June 5, 2023


Ever heard the saying, “A messy desk is a sign of genius” or something similar? When I reported to the Manpower Department at Headquarters Marine Corps as a captain, just a few years after I started personal strategic planning, every officer was required to meet the revered Mr. Marsh, Colonel Retired. He was a veritable manpower expert, and the time with him was worthwhile. However, when I walked into his office, I was astonished to see him standing behind an eight-foot-long table stacked two to three feet high with papers. While Mr. Marsh is a legend in the Corps, I won’t recommend his filing method.

Disorganization is only second to procrastination as the most significant time waster. Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to find the information you need and know you have but can’t. What’s more frustrating is missing an appointment or deadline because your schedule or process for scheduling is disorganized. The worst effect of disorganization is failing to achieve your potential in work and life. While I can’t be comprehensive in this short session, here are some tips for organizing.

Organize your physical space. At home, throw away, donate, or sell anything you haven’t used in the last two years. In your office, throw out anything you haven’t read or used in six months unless you must keep it for a designated time, like tax returns and supporting documents. Use a filing system and make a file for every project you work on. At your desk, keep it clear of unnecessary items you aren’t using for your project.

Organize the project. When you start a file on paper or on your computer, start a file with a title you can find. Then create an outline for the project, set timelines, and schedule them on your calendar if it requires multiple work days. With each project section, ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish, outline the work, and gather the necessary tools and information before starting work.

Organize your life with values, vision, goals, routines, and time. While this is the most important, it will take more than a day, and you can start those above now. I will only hit a couple of points here to get you started. Get a planner with a calendar that you can carry around and put every task from work and home on it with a date and time. That means kids’ practices, doctors and vet appointments, car maintenance, anniversaries and birthdays, and work and home projects. You need to track it to get it done. Commit to planning your day, week, month, and year. Make that planning part of your morning routine. Put it on your calendar!

So, there is plenty here to get started on this week.

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