Flaxseed & Protein… In Everything!

I add extra Flaxseed & Protein to as many meals as I can for the kids. One super easy way is at breakfast. Their pancakes will have the added Protein & Fiber they need for feeling their best at school. But if I’m baking ANYTHING, chances are I’m adding these in. WHY Fiber and Protein?!

✔️Fiber is filling and helps curb overeating.
✔️Fiber steadies your blood sugar level
✔️Fiber reduces cholesterol
✔️Fiber promotes healthy intestinal bacteria … slows fat absorption, reduces cholesterol AND promotes regularity.

Why extra Protein?! I love how Dr. Sears puts it “Protein for kids is essential for building, maintaining, and replacing the tissues in their bodies. Muscles, organs, and the immune system are mostly made up of protein. Whether your children are running around, or sitting in class, protein is doing important tasks like moving their legs, moving their lungs and protecting them from disease! Protein helps bodies grow and move  so growing children need more protein than adults do. Growing kids need about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight while adults only need about 1/2 gram of protein per pound of body weight.”

There are MANY ways to get extra protein in the kiddos. Cottage cheese to their eggs, Nut butters, smoothies, etc. Pancakes just happen to be their fave this season. What about you?! How do you like to add Protein and Fiber to your kids breakfast?!

We use #IDLife Protein Powder. Both the Casein Free 100% Grassfed Whey & Vegan Protein are AMAZING! Ingredients are top notch and trust me, it took years for me to find THE perfect protein! DM me on Facebook or Instagram for links to check it out!

– Maca is a resident of Waxahachie and the owner and founder of Healthy Mess. She is passionate about all things related to HEALTHY – Living – Eating – Bodies – Mentality – Spiritually – Marriages – and all that falls in between. She just so happens to also embrace the MESS that is amongst all of the things of life. She loves to write and share what she’s found along the way.


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