A Plump And Perky Turkey

What would it be like if there were no turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner? That is the dilemma the people of Squawk Valley were in when they couldn’t find a turkey for their Thanksgiving feast. The nearby turkeys had gotten smart and disappeared when the autumn leaves were in the air. Then Ebenezer Beezer comes up with a plan to hold a turkey art fair and invite all the turkeys in the area to come be models for the artists. They posted signs all around saying, “Model Wanted  A Plump and Perky Turkey”. Will Beezer’s plan work? Will the people have a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving or will they be eating shredded wheat?

A Plump and Perky Turkey is a cute picture book written in rhyme by Teresa Bateman. It was illustrated by Jeff Shelly. It also has interactive links for perky turkey fun and activities. Enjoy!


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