A View on “Vintage”

In the past or at least up until late 1965, putting on a vinyl record was the only way to purchase and listen to groovy tunes. Vinyl is not only a timeless music format, but a cherished medium of collecting as well. I for one love the way vinyl sounds, and the experience of flipping it over each time one side ends. I consider myself an old soul. I think music sounds best in the classic format be that vinyl or even cassette tapes.

Cassettes came into the picture in Europe in late 1965. As expressed above, vinyl was the only form of at home music up until that point. Now, when music was first shared, it would be put on both mediums for more audiences to enjoy. The walkman hit the scene in 1979 which allowed a wider and younger audience to experience all the past artists and up and coming artists as well. This is why vintage music formats are supreme. I believe that the best way to experience and appreciate something is to do so in its original form.

Nothing compares to vinyl records. Every music format since has come – done its time – and gone, but no other has persisted the way vinyl has. It is the only “classic” format that can still be actively found in any general department store today. New artists still release their latest music on vinyl records. This amazing gift allows the new generation the opportunity to relate to the past generations, not only in appreciating the power of music, but the power of joint interest and knowledge. 

Although many partake in this art form of music, many prefer the conveniency of digital, and do not see the point in any type of physical music. Arguably, there are good and bad aspects of digital music. Digital provides worldwide music access to millions of people, but that also takes away the charm of going to buy a new album in person. It also takes away that smooth raw sound of the music, and the anticipation of the needle dropping to hear the new album from a favorite artist for the first time. The personal feeling of that cannot be replicated by pressing play on a cell phone.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I am an old soul. The beauty in classic music and pop culture in general is what I enjoy the most. These vintage topics I love so much will be the source of my way back Wednesday articles. I will share my experiences, thoughts, and collections in hopes of connecting and reminding people that it is all still beloved by many in my generation. I look forward to sharing it with all who will listen.




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