After you marry, look for insurance savings

If you’re getting married, we can’t you help find a caterer or band.

But this insurance checklist could help you save money:

  • Renters insurance: The average Texas renters policy costs about $20 a month. That’s an affordable way to protect your wedding gifts. The coverage will pay to replace items damaged by a burst pipe, fire, or other cause. It also will cover personal items stolen from your home or car.
  • Auto policies: Combining your auto policies may save you money. Most insurance companies offer a discount if you cover more than one vehicle. Also, rates are usually lower if you’re married.
  • Health coverage: You have options. If both of you have coverage through work, compare policies. One may offer better benefits, a lower deductible, or a lower cost to add a dependent. Check if there’s a deadline to add a spouse.
  • Life insurance: Life insurance helps your spouse and family maintain their standard of living after you die. Consider how much income would need to be replaced to help with childcare, your mortgage, and other debts.

Have a question about insurance? Call the Texas Department of Insurance at 800-252-3439 or visit


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