Awake: The Band Name

The discussion of favorite bands can often be a sensitive subject. I for one resonate with this reality perfectly. Despite the sensitive nature, let’s just get into it. My favorite band is AJR. AJR is an incredibly unique band that cannot, nor should it, be shoved into a category. This band is the most unique and interesting band in modern history. 

AJR stands for Adam, Jack, and Ryan; the three lead members of the band. The reasoning behind AJR being my favorite band goes much, much deeper than just the music. Lyrically, their music hits home concerning many of the struggles that I have had to work through. As people (of a band), AJR are just some of the best I have ever experienced. They aspire to reach those who feel alone in their struggles by sharing what they have gone through, and continue to battle, in their own lives.

In July of this year, their father sadly passed away after battling a severe illness. They shared their grief and story in the song “God is Really Real” off their new album The Maybe Man. It is a beautiful expression of how they felt and are continuing to cope with the death of their late father. The entire album is a story of self-discovery. The title track called “Maybe Man,” like the album, is a new take on an album introduction, with each line referencing a song off the album.

Maybe Man is my favorite AJR album and favorite song off the album. This album was released during a time in my life when I needed to know someone else was feeling the way that I was. I was in the middle of the biggest transition in my life thinking about all the things I could be while struggling to think I would be able to be any of those things – or even wishing I could be something unrealistic.

It is recurring. This band I have loved for so long is still doing what they love despite loss and heartache, which encourages me to push through and figure out my own struggles. Even though this might be the hardest part of my life, with ADHD stacked on, I know it will be okay. Just know you are never alone and whether it be music or something else there is always some way to express and process those things that seem so hard.



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