Back To School Wellness

Well THIS is the weirdest back to school ever!!

Some are in school. Some are at home. Some will be at school on certain days depending on the first letter of their last name.

Seriously unprecedented times.

REGARDLESS of where your kiddo is, there are things YOU can be doing for your kids to give them an amazing year! I have LOTS of opinions on how to keep kids healthy…. nutrition, supplements, sleep, oils, diffuser recipes, rollerball recipes, diy, etc.

I want to share some fun tips and tricks for a HEALTHY year using Young Living®️ essential oils!*

This year especially, let’s boost that immune system with Thieves®️essential oil!

For a delicious comforting way to give the immune system a boost, add 1 drop of Thieves®️Vitality™️ to a spoonful of honey and mix into a mug of hot water. My boys ask for this… especially if they’re feeling so-so. It’s delicious!

Rub one drop of Thieves on the bottoms of feet nightly to get that Thieves goodness into your system!

*Fun fact! Thieves (colored label) and Thieves Vitality (white label) are the EXACT same oil… one is just labeled for internal/dietary use (Vitality-white label) while the other is labeled for aromatic and topical use.

Need digestive support stat? Digize™️ Vitality or Peppermint Vitality are fabulous! Add one drop of Digize Vitality or Peppermint Vitality to a glass of water! Your kids’ tummies will thank you! Or you can rub Digize or Peppermint directly onto the stomach.

Does their respiratory system need a little love? Try a few drops of RC™️or Raven™️ in a cup of Epsom salts and toss into a nice warm bath. Or you could rub RC, Raven or Thieves Chest Rub directly on the chest! Also, keep Thieves Hard Lozenges or Thieves Cough Drops in your backpack/purse at all times!! They’re MAGICAL!

Want a boost of emotional support… maybe some courage or a calm heart/mind? Try a drop of Valor®️, Peace & Calming®️, Stress Away™️or Lavender in your kids’ masks!!!

Try this for a fun mask spray! Better yet… mix up a few different mask sprays and send them with their own customized mask spray kit: Valor for courage, Rosemary, Genyus™️, Clarity™️ or Brain Power™️ for math, Vetiver for focus, RC and Peppermint for breathing! Just fill a 10ml glass spray bottle 1/4 with odorless witch hazel, add 10 drops of your essential oil/oils of choice, fill the rest with water! The options are endless!!

*** Do not use grocery store oils for mask sprays (or any of these suggestions)! They do not have to label chemicals or odorless solvents… you do not want your child breathing chemicals all day! All recommendations are specific to Young Living essential oils.

Remember to keep Thieves hand sanitizer handy at all times… Thieves hand sanitizer is free from harmful chemicals and hormone disrupting fragrances… and a little goes a very long way!

Also, Thieves surface spray is PERFECT for spraying desks, handles, toilet seats, lunch tables, etc!

Need a little help with focus? Try this focus roller!

Are you curious about Young Living? It is a company dedicated to providing pure products… everything from make up, skin care, baby care, dental care, cleaning supplies, supplements, etc. They are vigilant about making sure the products that cross your threshold are SAFE for your people (and not just PRETENDING to be safe by green washing). My family 100% trusts this company and has been using their products for almost 8 years.

Like Costco, YL requires a membership to shop there. A Costco membership is $60/year… a YL membership is a ONE TIME fee of $35!! However, most people choose to get a starter kit… it’s a discounted bundle of products that INCLUDE that membership fee.

The Premium Starter Kit not only includes the $35 membership, it includes most of the products I’ve mentioned in this article! Over $400 worth of products for $165…

Here’s what’s included:


➕Thieves Vitality

➕Peppermint Vitality

➕Lemon Vitality

➕Digize Vitality

➕Citrus Fresh Vitality



➕Peace & Calming


➕Stress Away



➕Ningxia packets

➕Thieves Hand Sanitizer

➕Thieves Surface Spray

➕2 roller fitments

Ready to get your starter kit? I’ll add you to our community and help you along the way! For more info:

 – Karen is a life-loving, sunset-seeking, toxin-free living enthusiast. She’s been married to her camp crush for over 25 years. After years of homeschooling their 2 boys, she now spends her free time gardening, raising chickens and mentoring families on their toxin-free journey. 


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