Baked Cookies Day / National Underdog Day

Baked Cookies Day

December 18

Historians say that cookies were first baked as far back as the 7th century. The term cookie is derived from the Dutch word “koekie,” meaning “little cake” and came to America in the 17th century when they were Anglicized to “cookie.” Americans eat $550 million worth of cookies every year. The chocolate chip cookie is the most popular baked cookie in the U.S. The Girl Scouts first began selling cookies in the 1920s.

National Underdog Day

December 18 (3rd Friday in December)

Although it appears National Underdog Day began in 1976, the creator of the special day for the downtrodden is unknown. According to, the term “underdog” originated in the 1800s. The origin of the word comes from a dog that is defeated in a fight. Another version concerns shipbuilding. Wooden planks were named “dogs” and those shipyard workers who had to labor below the keel of the boat were called “underdogs” because the task was so nasty and grubby. This day also celebrates those who were once underdogs but have risen to success.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Brad Pitt – Actor – born in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Stephen Spielberg – Movie Director – born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Joseph Stalin – Prime Minister of Soviet Union – Gori, Russia


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