Berlin: A City of Old and New

I couldn’t leave such an intriguing city as Berlin, Germany, without one more article. We spent four days there and could easily have spent more time exploring more museums, wandering the parks, and eating delicious food!

We started a new day at the famous Checkpoint Charlie. We had visited the afternoon before and were disappointed in the circus-like atmosphere in the area, so we were glad to revisit when the crowds were pleasantly absent. Make certain you notice the Trabant cars on display near Checkpoint Charlie. These small, East German cars were sometimes built with secret hiding places for individuals trying to escape East German oppression. Parents would actually get on the waiting list to buy these cars, the only one available, when they had a child in hopes that the child would have one by the time he or she was old enough to drive.

We visited the Topography of Terror Museum and the large section of the Berlin Wall that still stands in front of it. The museum was highly informative, especially about the period between WWI and WWII. The museum gave us deeper insight into the history and causes of WWII. In addition, we visited the German History Museum which gave us even greater depth of knowledge, but I would probably skip this museum if your time is limited.

We ventured further back in time at Museum Island which houses multiple museums including the Pergamon Museum. There we saw the Gate of Ishtar which was built by King Nebuchadnezzar II in 575 BCE. At one time, the gate was one of the Seven Wonders if the World! Unfortunately, the Pergamon Altar was undergoing restoration, so we didn’t get to see it this visit.

Berlin is a very walkable city, but good public transportation is also available. If you want a break and a different view of the city, take advantage of a boat tour along the River Spree and Landwehr Canal. You can glide lazily past Museum Island and under many historic bridges. The city’s website can help you find information about these tours and many other fun ideas. (

Berlin is an expanding foodie market. From the kiosks selling Döner kebab, juicy meat grilled on the spit, salad and sauce folded in a crisp flatbread, to fine restaurants with upscale menus, the food is excellent. We discovered the Gendarmarkt Plaza, one of the most beautiful in Berlin, and searched for restaurants in the laidback area not far from all the hustle and bustle of the main street. One night we tried currywurst, the traditional Berlin’s wurst that is served with a “ketchuppy” curry sauce, and other traditional German sausages at Meisterstuck, a stylish new sausage restaurant, but two nights we also ate some of the best Italian food ever at Ristorante Tra Di Noi. No matter what your preference, Berlin has food for everyone.

We had fun exploring the sites and visiting a few of the many restaurant. I can’t wait to go back. Maybe this time we will even get to see the Pergamon altar!

Have you been to Berlin? Please share your favor restaurant or things to do!


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