Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day / National Tea Day

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

April 21

Winston Churchill’s bulldog, Dodo, had all the characteristics of its master: strong, loyal, determined, calm in crisis. Fittingly, the bulldog originated from England in the 16th century by mixing Mastiffs and Pugs. It was originally created for fights with bulls (hence the name). As soon as this bloody sport became illegal, bulldogs became popular as companion dogs. It can reach 12 to 16 inches in height and 40 to 50 pounds of weight and can be a very good watchdog. The bulldog is a mascot of more than 40 universities in the USA.

National Tea Day

April 21

Begun in England in 2016, National Tea Day has spread throughout the world for the aficionados who love the brew. Tea plants grow wild in parts of Asia, but it can also be farmed. The very best tea comes from high elevations and is hand-picked. It takes around 2,000 tiny leaves to make just one pound of finished tea. At the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, exhibiting tea merchant Richard Blechynden had planned to give away free samples of his hot tea to attendees. But when a heat wave hit, no one was interested. Parched from the temperature, visitors would pass his booth in search of a cooler refreshment. To save his investment of time and travel, he dumped a load of ice into the brewed tea and served the first iced tea in the United States.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Elizabeth II – Queen of England – born in Mayfair, England

Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboy QB & Sportscaster – born in San Diego, California


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