Candy Cane Crafts

Candy canes are everywhere these days, so why don’t you and your children do some sweet candy cane crafts? Not only are candy canes in good supply, but they are very affordable. I found some really cute ideas for candy cane crafts on a website called collagecab. Here are just a few ideas from that site.

  • Candy Cane Reindeer – Using brown pipe cleaners, small googly eyes and red puff balls, your child can make a candy cane reindeer that can be used for decoration or party flavors.
  • Candy Cane Snowman Sleigh – Candy canes, pretzels and marshmallows can make the best snowman!
  • Peppermint Christmas Tree – This project actually uses peppermint candies rather than candy canes. You would also need a Styrofoam cone and a hot glue gun. I think this could be a group project with you manning the glue gun and the kids sticking the candies on the cone. The finished product would make a beautiful centerpiece!
  • Melted Candy Cane and Peppermint Lollipops – This project is another one where everyone in the family can have a part. You need some lollipop sticks, candy canes, peppermint candies, red hots or red candies for the noses and some red ribbon. This craft would also be perfect for party favors.

This site also has some great ideas for using other materials to make candy cane crafts that you can use year after year.

  • Puzzle Piece Candy Cane – If you have some spare jigsaw puzzle pieces laying around the house, this is the perfect craft for you! Paint half of the pieces red and the other half white. After they are dry, form a candy cane shape with the pieces and glue them together.
  • Salt Dough Candy Canes – The kids would love to make these and they can be ornaments that can be used for many Christmases.
  • Thumbprint Candy Cane Cards – The kids would really enjoy doing this one. You will need red and white paint, green construction paper and some red ribbon.
  • Homemade Candy Cane Soap – This one is a little more involved and probably not for kids, but the end result would be so perfect for gifting or just enjoying its beauty and especially the scent.

For more information and directions, click here to get to the site.

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