Charming Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is one of my favorite cities because of its charm, history, and food. We have visited several times and are already looking forward to our next trip. There are hotels and inns at every price level but check before you plan your trip. Charleston is the home of many festivals, all of which increase prices, if there is even availability.

The city has numerous reminders of its past, from cobblestone streets, antebellum houses, and Fort Sumter, where the Civil War’s first shots were fired. For an overview of the city, you can take a horse-drawn carriage or a bus tour. We have taken and enjoyed both, and each has advantages. The carriages are very romantic, if it’s not a very hot day, but the route is randomly determined by the City for each carriage, so visitors never know what they will be seeing. Riding in the carriage transports you into the past that Charleston enjoyed. The buses, while not as romantic, are air conditioned and do provide a consistent view of the city.

Of course, if you want to experience another side of Charleston, you can simply take a walking tour or even a ghost tour through the city. There are also Civil War tours for those who want more information about that era. We loved just walking through the streets past colorful houses in Rainbow Row, into the many peaceful cemeteries, and shopping at many of the charming boutiques located on King Street. Walking along the water in the Battery and Broad Street give even more insight into the history of Charleston.

While you don’t need a car in Charleston itself, you may choose to rent a car to see some of the outstanding plantations in the area. (Of course, there are tours that provide transportation if you don’t choose to rent a car!) Drayton Hall is an unrestored plantation while the restored Magnolia Plantation has beautiful, award-winning gardens. Charleston is also the home of Charleston Tea Plantation, the only tea plantation in North America.

As much as I enjoy touring and wandering around Charleston, my favorite pastime there is eating! The food is excellent. Again, you can find restaurants at every price level, but make reservations for evening meals if they take them since the lines can get long. Some of my favorite Charleston foods are shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and collard greens. I have never had a bad meal in the city, which my scales witness when I go home and weigh.

If you are traveling with children, take time to visit the South Carolina Aquarium or venture out of town to Kiawah, Folly Beach, or Sullivan’s Island to get some beach time and escape the heat which can be oppressive in the summer.

Charleston, with over 300 hundred years of history, still enchants visitors and provides something for everyone.

To find out more, CLICK HERE. If you have already visited Charleston, please share your favorite place!


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