Clark The Shark

Clark the Shark is a delightful picture book written by Bruce Hale and illustrated by Guy Francis. Clark is one of the students at the school for fish called Theodore Roosterfish Elementary. Of all the fish at the school, Clark is the biggest and the strongest. Clark loved his teacher Mrs. Inkydink, and he loved all his classmates, but many times, his classmates didn’t love him. You see, Clark loved everything a little too much! He was too loud, too wild and just too much shark for the other fish to handle! When the other fish started avoiding him, Clark didn’t understand why. His teacher told him that sometimes he was too loud and he played too hard. She told him the rule was to stay cool. Eventually Clark realizes that rule and cool rhyme, and he begins to make rhymes of all the rules such as “Don’t go walking when the teacher’s talking”. Now that Clark had a way to remember all the rules, school was fun again for him and all of his classmates!

This is a cute book with wonderful illustrations and many teaching points such as rhyming words and behavior and friendship tips. It would be a great companion book to your unit on sharks!


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