Learning about crystals involves both science and math. You and your children can go outside on a crystal hunt or experiment with basic household items to create crystals of your own. The Sciencing website is an amazing resource that explains the science of crystals in easy to understand terms. It talks about the formation of crystals and goes into the basic shapes of them. There are directions for creating crystals in your kitchen and making the basic crystal shapes with straws and tape. Click here to get to the site.

Cool Kid Facts is another great site that has information about crystals that kids can understand. I particularly like the illustrations and explanations about the shapes and sizes of crystals. It also touches on the uses of crystals in clocks and computer displays. I think you will really like this site! Click here to view.

One more site for you to visit is Easy Science for Kids. This site has the basic information that the other two sites have, but there is a very cool video called The Giant Crystal Cave, that takes you on a virtual tour of a cave in Mexico that is full of the largest crystals in the world. Please click here and check it out!

I think your whole family will really enjoy learning about crystals!


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