Detox Bath Recipe

Did you know that a bath can do far more than just clean your skin?

Give yourself an extra cleansing boost by making your bath a detox bath. Detox baths are an amazing way to provide cleansing on the inside as well!

Because our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins, detox baths are wonderful to incorporate into your self-care routine!

Click here for a recipe and explanation from functional medicine doctor, Mark Hyman.

Since our family has a compromised ability to detox, we actually kick it up a notch, per the recommendation of a lymphatic drainage therapist.  We use 4 Cups Epsom salts, 4 Cups baking soda, and 4 Cups of hydrogen peroxide and follow Dr. Hymen’s instructions.

Make sure to drink plenty of fresh filtered water to rehydrate!!

***Disclaimer… I’m not a doctor, scientist or medical professional! I’m just a mom trying to make positive changes for my family. Try all recipes/suggestions at your own risk.

Save this photo for a quick reference for this great detox bath!


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