Do your social media posts make you a target for identity theft?

If you use social media to keep in touch with friends, you might be risking identity theft.

Tips to protect yourself from identity theft:

  • Never post a photo of your driver license or ID card. It could include your birthdate and other personal data.
  • Watch out for quizzes that ask for personal information. Scammers ask questions to get information you already use to log in to bank or credit card accounts.
  • Protect other family members. Teens are most likely to overshare online. They usually have clean credit histories, which makes their identities valuable. Older relatives don’t use social media as often. But they might not know when they’ve been hacked. Check the accounts of family members in these groups.
  • Consider identity theft insurance – which might already be included in your homeowners or renters policy.

Have a question about insurance? Call the Texas Department of Insurance at 800-252-3439 or visit


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