DownHome Sports – Battle of 287 Celebrates 100 Years

The Battle of 287 is a long standing Texas High School Rivalry. Waxahachie and Ennis unofficially started playing sometime around 1904. Some say 104 games, others say 100. It has settled District Championships and Ellis County bragging rights for a long time. The one thing we know for sure – it is a storied tradition between 2 towns divided by 15 miles.

We had a chance to get together with Battle-tested former players and coaches from the Ennis – Waxahachie Rivalry. Waxahachie Coach/AD Jerry McLemore, Ennis Coach/AD Bill Cox, Waxahachie’s Steve Howell and Ennis’ Ronnie Greer.

They talk about games, players and how it all was… about the bond of those in these games that will last forever, as well as where the game led them.


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