Ellis County Shopping

There are nearly 20 cities making up one of Texas’ most appealing and attractive places to shop, Ellis County. The list of cities includes Waxahachie (county seat), Midlothian, Ennis, Red Oak, Ovilla, Maypearl, Italy, Forreston, Oak Leaf, Bardwell, Palmer, Pecan Hill, Ferris, Milford, Garrett, Alma and Rankin. While not every city listed has a shopping district, most do. And, in some case, cities like Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis and Red Oak have vibrant downtown shopping environments that make for extraordinary shopping experiences.

Each of the cities in Ellis County have created a place people not only visit but seek to call home. Nearly 600 families move to Ellis County every month which, in turn, compels more retail, restaurants and amenities to fill nearly every available plot of land around. Ellis County is a wonderful place to live … and shop.

Here’s a quick look at the downtown shopping you can find in several Ellis County cities and towns:

  • Waxahachie

    For a list of shops, restaurants and bistros in the historic downtown, CLICK HERE

  • Midlothian

    Midlothian’s retail shopping has expanded greatly. Click here to find out more. CLICK HERE

  • Ennis

    To see how downtown Ennis is adding parks, plazas and plenty of new shopping, CLICK HERE

  • Red Oak

    Red Oak has become an upscale housing community. Click here to see all its new shops. CLICK HERE

  • Ferris


  • Ovilla

    Check out Ovilla. Just CLICK HERE

When it comes to most everything good, you can’t go wrong in Ellis County, Texas. The shopping experience not only covers the spectrum, so does the opportunity to dine and to enjoy an array of events and activities.

Come to Ellis County and have a blast!


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