Feelings Of Fall

Greetings friends!

I am writing you from the beautiful mountains of Colorado. It’s a chilly 55 degrees out, with snow on the ground, a stream trickling next to me, and the soft sound of wind chimes. I’m not sure of a more beautiful setting! If these things above don’t evoke feelings of fall, I’m not sure what could.

In Texas we may still be due for some heat waves, but hey, we’ve had our first official “cool front” of the season, so I find it completely appropriate at this point to transition to fall! If you need permission, it is granted. I know many of us often feel we have to suddenly (and prematurely) jolt into the fall season, because in Texas, it doesn’t truly feel like fall until November some years. But, as far as home décor goes, fall is my FAVORITE season to decorate for so if I wait until Texas truly gets on board, it would be far too short a time to truly enjoy it.

This time of year for many of us is a sigh of relief. We have survived the heat of summer (or let’s sure hope so, but it IS 2020…) and we are looking ahead to crisp mornings and evenings, open windows, soup on the stove, and a fire crackling. To avoid the sudden 180 into a forced feeling of fall in your home, just think for a moment about what fall embodies to you. Make a mental list, and slowly start incorporating those things into your home through furnishings, or via your weekly dinner menu. It doesn’t have to be a sudden shift, it can be gradual. On the first chilly night, pull the fall/winter throws out of storage, and cuddle up. Grab a few pieces of firewood from out back, and then leave some extra by the fireplace for next time. Grab that fall scented candle the next time you’re at the store. At the first sign of the leaves turning, cut off a few branches and place them in a vase on the hearth.  When done in this way it will feel natural, not forced. By focusing on each individual item or a few items at a time, you’ll likely be far more inspired throughout. I’ll be the first to tell you, when something is rushed and forced, it will look that way. I find inspiration for client homes as well as my own, over time, When I’m relaxed and not rushed, my ideas and creativity flow freely.

I wanted to develop a mood board for visual inspiration if you are finding yourself stuck. These items would be fabulous to incorporate into your home if you are looking for new pieces. Just follow the links to purchase. Happy Fall, my friends!!

Blanket – Hearth & Hand Border Stripe throw blanket

Sign – Oh Sweet Skye October sign

Dried Wheat – Amazon wheat bundle

Pillow – Kirklands Spice Chenille Jacquard pillow

Amber glass vases – found in various sizes at Hobby Lobby, Target, etc

Pumpkins – find fresh white pumpkins at your local grocer, or the Greenery, located in Waxahachie.

Neutral Rug – Rachel Area Rug

– Whitney is a life-long resident of Ellis County. She is the owner of Remedy Home Design, which offers a variety of services including: assistance with remodels, new home build selections, and single room to full home interior design. Whitney is passionate about helping people love the home they are in, and letting décor and design tell your story. She, her husband Jason, and two sweet kiddos live in Waxahachie.


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