Find A Rainbow Day / World Irish Dance Week

Find A Rainbow Day

April 3

Today is a day to celebrate the beauty of nature and God’s creations…..the rainbow.  Rainbows result from refracted light—when white light breaks into a spectrum of color. They appear in the sky when light passes through water particles that bend white light, separating it into its colorful components that show up as a striped arc in the firmament, ranging in color from red through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

World Irish Dance Week

April 3

When the Normans invaded Ireland in the twelfth century they settled in the country and brought with them their native customs, dance being one of them. The ‘Carol’ was a popular Norman dance which involved one singer placed in the center of a circle of dancers who then followed his singing and danced accordingly. It is the first historically recorded dance in Ireland. For the next few centuries dancing naturally evolved. Three types of dance emerged: the Irish Hey, the Rinnce Fada (long dance) and the Trenchmore. Instead of circular formations, line formations became common. These in turn became more complicated with female dancers weaving between males, or interchanging couples. Bagpipes and harps became the most common musical accompaniment.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Eddie Murphy – Comedian & Actor – 59 – born in Brooklyn, New York

Marlon Brando – Actor – passed at age 80 – born in Omaha, Nebraska


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