Fletcher And The Snowflake Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and the rabbits have moved to a new home in the forest. Fletcher is very excited about celebrating the holiday with them until he realizes Santa won’t know where to deliver their Christmas presents.

Fletcher decides to collect sticks from the frosty ground and arrange them into a trail of arrows to guide Santa to the rabbits’ new home. Pretty soon the fox, the squirrel, the birds and the mice are all helping Fletcher make the trail. When the trail was finished, they were at the rabbits’ home, and they all had a nice cozy time eating blackberry pie and singing carols.

When they went to the burrow door to go home for the night, they had a surprise. It had snowed and all the arrows on the trail were buried beneath the soft and deep and white snow. Fletcher was almost in tears worrying about Santa Claus not being able to find the rabbits’ home, so he came up with a plan. He and the other animals would stay awake, so when Santa came to their houses, they could tell him how to find the rabbits’ home.

It was a great idea, except none of the animals could stay awake! On Christmas morning,  Fletcher rushed to the rabbits’ burrow expecting the worst, but Santa had found it after all! The burrow was warm and cozy and “berry bright”, and all the animals had a merry Christmas together in the rabbits’ wonderful new home.

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas by Julia Rawlinson. Pictures by Tiphanie Beeke


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